The 3 most impressive records Verstappen broke in 2022

The 3 most impressive records Verstappen broke in 2022

The 2022 season will be with Max Verstappen for a long time. Statistically, this was one of the most intense seasons a driver has ever had. These were the five most impressive records according to FORMULE 1 magazine.

Most wins in a season (15)

After the Australian Grand Prix, the world title was as far away as ever. Charles Leclerc took two victories in very mature fashion and seemed to be on his way to his first world title. However, Red Bull managed to work out the reliability issues and Max Verstappen recovered. Of the six races that followed, the Dutchman won five and in the only race Verstappen didn’t win, his teammate Sergio Pérez did.

Finally, the counter stopped at fifteen wins and a win rate of 68.2%. Only Michael Schumacher and Juan Manuel Fangio have achieved a higher percentage. Schumacher won 72.2% of all races in 2004, and Fangio won 75% of all races in 1952, but then only eight races were run.

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The largest reversed deficit (46 points).

After three matches, Max Verstappen’s counter was only 25 points up. Charles Leclerc had a great start to the season winning two of the first three Grands Prix and was also on the podium in the first five races, but Verstappen managed to turn the championship around in dominant fashion. The Dutchman eventually won the championship by 146 points, but was still 46 points behind after the Australian Grand Prix, a record.

Sebastian Vettel came close to this mark in 2012, but the record has now been broken. With seven races remaining, the four-time world champion was 39 points behind Alonso, but in the last race of the season it was Vettel who came out on top and won the championship.

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Wins from different starting places (7 places)

Max Verstappen has started from pole position seven times in 2022. It was often Charles Leclerc who was a bit stronger during qualifying, but Verstappen often won sprints during the race. The Dutchman has won a race no fewer than nine times while not starting from pole position.

An often powerful Ferrari on Saturday ensured that the number of pole positions remained relatively low, but a dominant Red Bull on Sunday resulted in even more impressive victories. Verstappen won 6 times from pole, 4 times from second, 2 times from third, P4 (1x), P10 (1x) and P14 (1x).

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