That’s why you shouldn’t download it at night!

That's why you shouldn't download it at night!

Smartphones: Charging them all night and leaving them plugged into the charger is not good. Let’s find out why.

Smartphones should not be charged at night (Pexels)

How many times do we wake up and take the smartphone from our hand and realize that it is hot! We all recharge our phone overnight is a routine. Recharging old phones was a very long affair, also due to lack of powerful power supply, the other thing is charging new phones.

Technology in this field has made countless advances. Today’s mobile phones are capable of Recharge from 0% to 100% in less than an hour Being equipped with better batteries and super fast chargers.

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Charging a mobile phone and leaving it plugged in overnight is an ineffective way to recharge precisely because its components are too powerful, so you risk damaging it. Battery abuse and overheating phenomenon can be avoided in very specific ways.

Reloading: Useful Tips

Smartphones should not be charged at night.  Useful Shipping Tips
Smartphone, useful tips for charging (Pixabay)

can be monitored Battery status cell phone. employmentIphoneTo find out, go to: “Settings”>“battery”>battery condition”. It is advisable to keep the charge between 20% and 80% to preserve the accumulation of energy and extend the “life” of the smartphone.

Experts advise not to reach the maximum charge Also because their lithium-ion battery technology, in the long run, loses the ability to reach 100% charge, which means lower performance, less autonomy and longer recharge time.

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Tips like these are essential if you own Inexpensive cell phone. The place for charging (cold) is also important, if the smartphone has a cover, remove it to avoid overheating. Using a low-power charger can also help.

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