That’s why you should watch American sports at night (video)

That's why you should watch American sports at night (video)

When most of us are in one ear, many athletes start playing on the other side of the Atlantic. At night, many American sports are shown. You can enjoy baseball, football, basketball and ice hockey.

This means that the United States has horrific sports, each with its own story.

Major League Baseball (MLB)
The competition ended last night, with an unexpected winner up front: the Houston Astros. This is what makes the sport so beautiful, every year there is a chance for another team to win. This is in contrast to many sports (especially soccer) in Europe. This was Houston’s first MLB title, and the same goes for the Chicago Cubs last year.

During baseball season, players travel constantly. They play 162 (!) regular competition matches. It is of course great to watch the running at home and the amazing catching, but the tactics behind the game are also interesting.

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Does it take long? Nonsense*t! Just look at the summary of this awesome 5-hour (!) duel: Fifteen Minutes from Astros-Dodgers (Video)

National Football League (NFL)
The #1 popular sport in America. Where we enjoy the soccer game every week, people are looking forward to it with passion Sunday Night Football. Most teams play on Sundays in American football. For many families, this means a day out: early in the morning to go to the stadium, barbecue with everyone and everything and then enjoy the game.

The competition “only” lasts 6 months, from the beginning of September to the beginning of February. This is due to the sheer intensity of the game. In the end, it’s all about one thing: winning the Super Bowl. Everything about this sport is amazing, from the fans to the endless commercials, from the beautiful landings to the challenging maneuvers: highly recommended!

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National Basketball Association (NBA)
Big stars like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant used to be the faces of the NBA. Now this throne is dedicated to Golden State Warriors chiefs Stephen Curry and Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James. For the past three years, they and their teams have been in the finals of the top basketball competition.

Unlike in the NFL, basketball players play more than once a week. They play over 82 regular league matches from the end of October to mid-June. The scene takes place at the end, in the playoffs. There, the top 16 teams compete for the national title. In the NBA, you can lick your fingers at 3 amazing pointers and sick dunks.

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National Hockey League (NHL)
If you love the scenery, then the best ice hockey league in the country is definitely for you. The 31 teams are battling – sometimes literally – for a place in the Stanley Cup Final. The NHL also plays 82 games per season, which begins each year in October and runs through June. Winning the Stanley Cup—a trophy nearly three feet tall—is what the NHL is all about.

In sports almost – with almost concentration – everything is allowed: you can kick your opponent against the ice or against the wall. This ensures that fans enjoy the game more. It usually ends in a fight, which makes the fans even crazier. Definitely worth sitting for a while.

Not over yet? Then you can watch a soccer match where you are 0-0! 😉


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