Thanos is physically impossible according to scientists

Thanos is physically impossible according to scientists

The Marvel Cinematic Universe presented its fans with many unusual and wonderful moments. But a group of researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology recently discovered if Thanos could dress up the Infinity Gauntlet the way he did. And no, you can’t.Of course, the result Explode, Explode impossible. But the researchers wondered if it was possible to cut your fingers off with such a glove at all. You need friction for this and the lack of friction on the metal glove seems to make this impossible.

cut your fingers
“Using high-speed imaging, automated image processing, and dynamic force sensors, the researchers analyzed multiple ways to capture your fingers,” We read in EurekaAlert!

“They explored the role of friction by covering fingers with different materials, including metallic ones, to simulate cutting your fingers with a metal glove as Thanos did.”

The team found that hitting your fingers is the fastest human acceleration ever measured “Three times faster than the rotational acceleration of the arm of a professional baseball pitcher”.

That’s what makes Raghav Acharya from Georgia Tech the Explode, Explode impossible. “Our research indicates that Thanos couldn’t have done that because of those metal fingers.” Unfortunately!

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