Thaliya la Cruz from Meppel has a lot of experience with the Miss Teen Final of the Netherlands. “Don’t be ashamed of your fears”

Thaliya la Cruz from Meppel has a lot of experience with the Miss Teen Final of the Netherlands.  "Don't be ashamed of your fears"

“I went into it discreetly. She was so beautiful! The way I lived it couldn’t have been better,” said Thalia.

19-year-old Maplesi is still recovering from the hour-long show the night before at Studio 21 in Hilversum on Sunday afternoon. The final of Miss Holland 2021 was held. Thalia defended Alwan Drenthe in her age group as a regional Miss and competed against eleven contestants from other provinces.

“Best moment is the bikini tour”

“Our show was a great experience. All the girls smiled. The evening flew by. It seemed like half an hour. The most beautiful moment? The bikini tour. When you see what power the girls radiate. You sometimes hear the term meat check when it comes to a beauty pageant. But whether You wear a jacket or a bikini, it’s about what you shine on. And the story you take with you, because everyone has a story. I’ve also heard the word meat check in my family. They’ve now lived there and they have to admit that the word doesn’t apply at all.”

The win – due in part to a public vote in the lead-up to Saturday combined with a jury verdict – went to Anne Brewer of Gelderland. Numbers 1, 2 and 3 were crowned, for numbers 4 and 5 there was a special appointment, no more crown. Next: „Of course I congratulated the other girls. We said we would keep in touch. In the app group, I noticed the band is also there after Saturday. One does not feel more than the other.”

Three photos without a filter

A year ago, it didn’t look like Thalia would experience this day. When I saw the Miss Teen of the Netherlands app on Facebook, I was surprised that the Netherlands held this contest at all. “You had to send in three photos without a filter. I thought: I have it. I was chosen for Rodin’s casting day. I actually thought this was too far away, but my mother said, ‘Oh, I’ll take you.’ I went through the casting process and was selected Miss Drenthe in April. And that’s even though it’s absolutely nothing.”

Despite Campense’s now-born strength on stage, she was insecure about her appearance until last winter. “I have eczema and I did everything I could to hide it. At work we had to wear a polo shirt. I always wore long sleeves no matter how hot it was. I applauded when people started talking about it. I hadn’t met a photographer whose daughter had eczema too until she got out of her comfort zone B. said, “Do what you are good at and what is in your heart. Then the key was clicked for me.”

By participating in the beauty pageant, she hopes to give other girls living with doubts a push in the right direction. “You don’t have to be ashamed of your concerns. On Instagram, I see pictures from the time I was still struggling with myself. It’s really good to see how I dealt with it then and how I no longer care if people see pigmentation spots. Now I radiate so much more” .

stay with yourself

Since April, Thaliya has been working on reaching the final along with the other participants. It was a tough time mastering the entire show – including audiences from other classes. “We pulled each other through it, because if you walk for hours in heels, it often happens that someone has completely succeeded!”

Thanks to her expertise, de Meebles, who will soon begin studying nutrition and dietetics at the Hans University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, will be able to mentor new participants in the Miss Teenage contest early next year. She got a vote in the nomination winner Drenthe.

“I want to teach them to enjoy themselves. Everything has fallen for me in the aura period. I want to organize for them many activities that will make them enjoy. And I want to convey to them: stay with yourself. It is more fun to be yourself than to be anyone else.” .

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