Texas man Derek Kirsteter suffers a devastating leg injury versus Kansas

Texas man Derek Kirsteter suffers a devastating leg injury versus Kansas

Derek Kirsteter, one of the top men of the Texas Front Line, was taken to hospital after suffering a horrific leg injury.

Injuries are the worst thing that can happen at any time in a football match. Unfortunately, it happened in the first half of the game between Texas and Kansas when striker Derek Kirstter sustained a devastating lower leg injury.

Kerstetter leaned back on a sack in the second quarter and was later taken from the field and taken to hospital.

You can see the play where the injury occurred Here.

Derek Kirstetter, a Texas pipeline man, was taken to hospital with a leg injury

FOX broadcaster Joel Klatt was ready for the match and said after such an injury, the results of the match itself take a back seat to the health and well-being of the injured player.

“It almost makes the game secondary when something like this happens,” Klatt said. “Prayers to Kerstetter and his colleagues, who must go ahead and play.”

Texas players came to the field to support Kerstetter before being taken off the field.

When he was knocked off the field, Kerstetter gave a “Horns Up” in an emotional gesture to signal to the fans that he would be fine, even though he was hurting and had a long way to go.

All the best to Kerstetter on his way back to the game he loves.

UpdateKerstetter was diagnosed with a dislocated ankle and a broken shrapnel and was able to return home with the team on the charter flight.

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