Tessa Hoft (29 years old) is a PE teacher in Scala: “It’s always good to teach the kids something” | Hi Alvinar, what are you doing there?

Tessa Hoft (29 years old) is a PE teacher in Scala: “It's always good to teach the kids something” |  Hi Alvinar, what are you doing there?

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Tessa Hooft (29): I’ve always wanted to do something with sports and children. First as a hockey coach and coach, and now as a physical education teacher at Scala College in Alvin aan den Rhein. I worked there for six to seven years, having completed an ALO in Amsterdam.”

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“I always said I never wanted to work full time in education, but I couldn’t. I actually wanted to combine it with coaching and coaching the hockey team. While finishing my studies and writing my dissertation, I actually ended up at Scala. Initially for 0.44 FTE, but It soon became full time.

I’m really enjoying my job now. It is always good to educate children in different fields. The social part, how they should interact with each other, but also mental flexibility and group dynamics. What I also tell the kids is that they should follow their gut feeling. this is important. For example, I once wanted to go to a sports class at Scala College. But when I was standing in Mayor Weserpark, I thought, “I don’t want this.” It eventually became an ashram. I have never regretted this choice.

I miss coaching and coaching the youth hockey teams. I’ve done this for years, but stopped three years ago. It can no longer be combined with work. I also play hockey at Laren in the promotion category, at the second level.

It’s only my first season there. We’re almost safe with three games left, but we still have some work to do. It’s an amazing group of talented young players. My plan is to stay next season. I will continue to play hockey. In the future, I want to get training and coaching again and maybe even work a day less.

I was born in Rotterdam, but I grew up in Alvin an den Rhein. Apart from two years in Utrecht, I have lived there my whole life. I also started playing hockey there. In the ranks of the A-juniors, I then switched to Kampong in Utrecht. This was followed by HGC, Little Switzerland, Schaerweijde and now Laren.

Alvin is a great place to live. My favorite places are Wet ‘n Wild because there is often sun, Maggie Blue and Bar 32. At Bar 32, I occasionally watch sports with my mates. It’s kind of a sports bar. Moreover, my friends live everywhere, because I played hockey in different clubs. So sometimes I can be found elsewhere as well.”

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