Tensions in Israel: This is not a symbiosis

Tensions in Israel: This is not a symbiosis

Adi Moran, a Jew from southern Israel, now lives and studies in Jerusalem. Moran said, “What is happening between Israel and Hamas is terrifying. But what is happening in the rest of the country between Jews and Palestinians, especially in mixed cities, is also really scary.” She had never had anything like this before: “I was really sad and afraid it would get worse.”

Nevertheless, Moran takes a positive look at coexistence between Jews and Palestinians in Israel: “I joined a group on Facebook called the“ Comfortable Majority. ”It includes all the people on both sides who want peace. That’s fine for me. Loudly, but they are a minority. Really, most people just want to live in peace. “

According to Palestinian Reham Mohammed, peaceful coexistence is not a matter of will: “We live, work and study together, so we have no choice but to live in peace.”

She works in a law firm in Haifa and is the only Palestinian in the office: “Fortunately, my boss sent an email to everyone saying that we shouldn’t talk about politics and recent developments at work. If I did, problems would arise.”

She thinks it will be difficult in the near future: “A lot has happened and there is a lot of hatred towards Arabs. In recent years it was fine, but now it will be really difficult to live together again as it was before. It may never happen. Be. More the same. “

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