Tennis star Ariane Hartono is unknown in the Netherlands, but she can’t walk down the street only in the US | sports

Tennis star Ariane Hartono is unknown in the Netherlands, but she can't walk down the street only in the US |  sports

Relatively unknown tennis star Ariane Hartono, 25, made her Grand Slam debut. The daughter of Indonesian parents, who surprisingly won three qualifying matches at the Australian Open, says she has “formed and grown” in American college tennis.

In the United States, she could not walk down the street in September 2018. Everywhere she was called for her own achievement: the best female college player in the country. And her studies were not affected by her tennis successes, in fact: in the same year she graduated summa cum laude with a degree in psychology.


I think everyone goes their own way

Ariane Hartono

At that time, few people had heard of Hartono. And this is understandable, because many players who are younger than a career as a professional tennis player choose an adventure in the United States, where they can combine their passion on a competitive level with study.

“When someone asks me about that experience, I always say it was the best time of my life. I learned a lot about myself, others and tennis there. I knew I wasn’t mature enough to go to tennis college yet, but I knew I wasn’t mature enough to go to tennis college yet,” Hartono said after reaching the Australian main draw. I grew a lot there by combining study and tennis.” With her participation, four Dutchmen take part in the tournament.

, I think everyone follows their own path, including men like Talon Groenebauer and Boutique van de Zandschulp. We are all becoming a more complete person and you need that on the right track too. You can hit the fore and backhands really well, but if you’re not that good mentally, you won’t. Technically I’ve always been fine, but because of the confidence in myself I’m here now,” said the 191st in the world.

Ariane Hartono. © Belgium

I don’t want to say I got into professional tennis, but I’ve always thought about it and worked on my task day in, day out, week in, week out. I take many things with me from all those years of college tennis and the ensuing years on the tennis circuit, Hartono looking back.” Apparently, the pieces of the puzzle are supposed to gather here. But three years ago, I never thought I’d be standing here today. I wasn’t much interested in her, so to speak.”

Hartono has collected nearly €70,000 in prize money in her career and has now doubled it by reaching the main tournament. You often hear the word “unreal” from her mouth. It’s my first time here, I have no words for it. Going to the Australian Open on my own was a dream for me. I will stay there for a while.”

American Amanda Anisimova (20), ranked 60th in the world, is Hartono’s opponent.

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