Teen festival closes in Belgium: 22 sick girls, possibly ‘needle stroke’ | abroad

Teen festival closes in Belgium: 22 sick girls, possibly 'needle stroke' |  abroad

At five in the evening the first girl felt ill and reported to the nursing department. “She told me she was going to have a tingling,” says Stephen Vandepute, Mayor of Hasselt (N-VA). “It soon became apparent that fifteen people, all girls, might have had to deal with a sharp needle strike. We immediately began our plan for emergency intervention and consulted with the security forces to end the festival immediately. It happened just before six in the evening, after which the site was evacuated. entire “.

“People who felt unwell received care on site at the moment. There, doctors will assess whether further treatment in hospital is necessary. In the meantime, judicial authorities are also on site to see how this can happen. But so far There is no trace of possible culprits. In the end, 22 children were reported to the emergency room because they were unwell. Four of them were taken by ambulance to Jissa Hospital. Two children were taken to the emergency room by their parents.”

“Most of the children were diagnosed with hyperventilation. They were cared for on site. It was said that one of the girls had a perforation, but the investigation is ongoing. The necessary tests are also being carried out at the hospital.”

For many parents, there was a sudden phone call from their kids who suddenly had to pick them up two hours earlier than their planned 20:00 finish time. So it was very busy in the area due to the traffic of cars.

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