“Teach them how to regulate basic emotions like fear.”

"Teach them how to regulate basic emotions like fear."

Exercise is very important for everyone. Not only physically, but mentally as well. Annie Justin Lamy knows this better than anyone. Is the Founding parent van Boksend Opvoeden: A mental, physical and emotional education for coaches, educators, and social workers. “So far, the registrations keep coming, really cool!”

The 42-year-old came to the Netherlands from the UK at the age of 7 and settled in Doetinchem in the late 1990s. to her the roots From: Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Lebanon. Boxing began when she was in her early twenties and for a long time was a high-level amateur boxer. Annie: “I developed a huge passion for boxing and kickboxing and I was excited about sports. I went to achieve it 100 percent, did well and started playing more and more matches.” In 2010, then 32 years old, boxer Doetinchem became Dutch boxing champion in her weight category.

“You have to develop something yourself.”

Boxing gave Annie a lot of confidence and made her feel very flexible. Handy, because at the same time she worked as a teacher in special education with children with complex behavioral disorder. “Thanks to my experience as an athlete and boxer, I started as a teacher providing flexibility training to children and families. The goal was to get them to stand firm again and learn how to deal with aggression.” The trainer shared her successes on social media and there was more and more positive interest in Annie’s training courses.

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Photo: Boxing Parenting by Roel Kleinpenning

I thought to myself, “You have to develop something yourself.” Annie decided to pursue a two-year training as a coaching coach at the NOC * NSF. After gaining her degree and the same experience she gained as an educator and athlete, De Doetinchemse developed her own program in mid-2018: Boxing Education. Since April 2019, Annie has been teaching coaches, trainers, and other education and care professionals.

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Control of basic emotions

Annie: “In short, I teach coaching students effective boxing training. After the one-day course, my students can immediately start working with their clients. With the help of various boxing games and conversation signals, they pick up during conversations with their clients, help them deal with basic emotions and problems.” The mental. Basic emotions are challenged, such as: happiness, fear, anger and sadness. The goal is for the participants to control these emotions.

The coach gives an example: “An intelligent VWO girl who can learn well while striving for perfection, indicates that she is still afraid of failure. Her main feeling is fear, fear of failure. She indicates, via text panels during boxing, that her fear movement is currently reaching 75 percent. Then, the trainer tries to regulate this fear with the help of breathing and conversation and keep it, for example, 25 percent. “

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Annie Justin Lamy from Boxing Education
Photo: Boxing Parenting by Roel Kleinpenning

Nationwide Success: 200 (!) Certified Trainers

Parenting boxing is now widely publicized. Annie has so far trained dozens of coaches students from across the country to become boxing coaches. Boxing Education already has nearly 200 certified trainers. “It’s really a success. Even now, in this period of stricter regulations around the sport, registrations continue to pour in from all over the country.”

Parenting in boxing might seem like a thing for a target group of guys, but it’s used for people of all ages according to a coach. “From children and teenagers through the 1990s, everyone can benefit from the program.”

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