Tates, Myers Homer twice, and Padres survive with a 9-11 win

Tates, Myers Homer twice, and Padres survive with a 9-11 win

San Diego (AFP) – Fernando Tates Jr. was waiting for the breakout game, and the boy did the El Niño game.

The 21-year-old star, who grew up in the game at his father’s feet in the big league, scored twice at home and led on five points to boost the San Diego Padres side to a thrilling 11-9 victory over St. Louis. Cardinals Thursday night slapped the crucial 3 game in the NL Wild Card series.

Will Myers also went twice and called Manny Machado, but Tatis – with his signature abundance and flair – was the one who threw the party in the empty Petco Garden.

With his blond Majdelah draped around his helmet, Tates danced on the first baseline and enthusiastically pointed towards his teammates after lighting him back by lining up three runs in the left field seats in the sixth inning. Machado followed, with a single shot, to equalize the match at 6.

After four hitters after Myers opened seventh with a single shot to lead 7-6, Tates was even more dramatic after driving two vehicles off the ground on the right. Tates turned his racket, turned around and looked at his teammates before he began his jog, then jogged several times after touching the board.

Tates and Myers are the second teammates in post-season history with many teammates in the same game, and they joined Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig of the New York Yankees on October 1, 1932 in the third game of the World Series – including Ruth’s famous “The Shot.” “

Badriss is the first team in post-season history with five games at home from the sixth round onwards in the match.

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This was the 23rd victory in 2020 for the tenacious Padres, who pushed each other throughout the year.

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Tates said of his first player: “I feel we need this big swing for the whole team in order to move forward. We missed a lot with the runners in the scoring center. I feel everyone who did it first, we were going to feed it. Thank God I did it. Firstly, but I’m just happy that the team recognized and won the match. “

He was serious after Homera II because he wanted to send a message.

“We are in the qualifiers. The game is not over, the mission is not done until we get 27 goals, we cannot back down, we cannot settle.” There was a lot of match left. I wanted to keep motivating my colleagues, just to let them know, to keep going. They are a team that they will answer, so we have to keep doing the work. “

San Diego’s powerful attack finally exploded after he was tired after losing 7-4 in Match 1 and five innings for a frosty Thursday night.

After hitting Bases Loaded in fourth, Tatis – who along with Machado was a competitor in the NL MVP – came in in consecutive roles. Tates’ father played with the Cardinals for three seasons during his 11-season league career.

Myers added a two-trigger Homer in eighth.

Padres’ first post-season win was at Petco Park, which opened in 2004. The first four losses were for St. Louis, which wiped out Padres in the split series in 2005 and 2006 – the last time he made Padres post-season – like as well as in 1996. When Padres played at Jack Murphy’s Stadium.

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The third game will be on Friday, and both teams will be linked after clubs have combined to use 17 archers.

This was the second time Badriss had hit the hosts in a row in qualifying. The first was when Greg Vaughn and Tony Gwen connected David Wells of San Diego in the fifth game of the first game of the 1998 World Series at Yankee Stadium. New York swept that streak.

Cardinals loyal Genesis Cabrera opened sixth by walking on Austin Nola and rookie Jake Cronworth before hitting Trent Gresham and making way for Giovanni Gallegos. Tatis lined up on the field 2-2 in the left field seats to pull Padres down to 6-5. Machado followed this up by lining up the field 3-2 to the center left to level it.

St. Louis manager Mike Sheldt said: “It’s a good squad, and it has no secrets. We made them strong. Once the momentum started, we weren’t able to make any stopover rounds.”

Tates finished second in the Premier League with 17 houses in the regular season, Machado 16 and Myers 15.

Emilio Pagan scored the victory and former Cardinal Archer Trevor Rosenthal fired the ninth goal of the save.

Colten Wong took the lead in four runs for the Cardinals, who came 6-2 to sixth.

Cardinals writer Adam Wainwright allowed two runs and six strokes before chasing after him after 3 1/3 runs. He hit three and walked two.

Wong, who had only had one Homer in the regular season, gave the Cardinals a 4–0 lead without doubt, a two-stage shot deep into right-of-field off Zach Davis with a single exit per second. It was his fifth career after the shooting. Harrison Bader, who was hit five times on Wednesday, was on the single track Matt Carpenter recorded after the lead brace.

Yadier Molina, who appeared in NL’s # 100 post-season game, hit the RBI song first and added his career # 100 in postseason at nine before he was lifted from a pinch runner.

The Cardinal closed the gap with two unearned runs in the eight, both on carcasses flies, after Tates made a throwaway foul in the shortstop. Paul presented Goldschmidt in the ninth, the second of the series.

Wainwright said, “We played a great squad, a great team, and they came to us again and again and never backed off. We’d just hit back almost every time. Every time we put them in a hole, they came right back.”

next one

St. Louis: RHP Jack Flaherty (Regular Season 4-3, 4.91 ERA) is scheduled to start Match 3 on Friday.

San Diego: I didn’t announce a start. “I have no idea,” said junior manager Jace Tengler moments after the second match concluded. Padres did not include injured junior Mike Klevinger and Dennelson Lammet in the wild cards list.


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