Tata Steel should work to reduce annoying odors more and faster

Tata Steel should work to reduce annoying odors more and faster

The steel producer Tata Steel should reduce the odor nuisance in IJmond. The area that could be a nuisance to the smell has become smaller, and the company must meet certain threshold values ​​not in ten years, but within five. This is what the North Sea Channel Zone Environmental Service (OD NZKG) offers, that oversees risky companies.

It houses IJmond Velsen and IJmuiden, where the Tata factories are located. People who live near steel mills suffer from a lot of unpleasant odors. Most of the reports that come to the Environmental Service also relate to smell. “The idea is that unpleasant odors should not occur outside the Tata premises,” a service spokesperson said. There is a “serious odor disturbance” if at least ten unique complaints are received in one hour and at least one supervisory official considers the odor to be “seriously disturbing”.

Tata Steel must also tell us what it will do to comply with this scent ordinance. According to the service, “the steel company shall indicate how it measures the effects of the measures taken (including the accompanying term) and account for the effects on the ambient odor.” The odor periphery is the area where an annoying odor may occur. If the company does not make enough progress, the OD will enforce the NZKG, for example by imposing a penalty.

Tata Steel can still appeal the decisions. The company says it is still studying the decision and says reducing odors in the environment is a “key goal”. “We are doing everything we can to minimize the impact on the living environment.”

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Who is this steel giant and why does Tata Steel often appear in the news?

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