Szafnauer guards against ‘complaint’ despite success in Miami

Szafnauer waakt voor

Sam Hall and Jan Bolcher

Alpine team boss Otmar Szafnauer says Formula 1 appears to have “hacked” America with the opening of the Miami Grand Prix, but at the same time warns that the sport should not fill itself out.

It seems that after decades of trying, Formula 1 has finally won the hearts of the American motorsports public. Last year’s Texas Grand Prix set crowd records, while a celebrity-packed weekend in Miami set a ratings record in the United States. Despite this success and a highly anticipated debut in Las Vegas in 2023, Szafnauer warns that interest may be fading as quickly as it has been created.

Make a good show

“Whether in the United States, Silverstone or France, people decide for themselves what they want to do with their money and time,” says Szafnauer. “And if we do a good show and a good experience, they will choose us. Getting here isn’t cheap. From what I heard, the seats in the stands start at $2000 and cost [kaarten voor] $900 for general admission.”


Szafnauer continues, “So, because people decide for themselves what to do with their time and money, we need to make sure the show and experience is good enough for them to say ‘I got my money’ worth” and come back. We don’t have to feel good about ourselves and we should give them value. There is no better compliment in life than a repeat customer which is why we all have to work hard to make sure we get repeat customers so we are all better off and they are better because we made them an offer.”

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Additional reporting by Ian Parks

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