Sydney’s mom posts pictures of “worms” inside Baker Delight BBQ Pizza

Sydney's mom posts pictures of "worms" inside Baker Delight BBQ Pizza

Warning: Feet annoying

A woman described her horror over the discovery that her daughter’s Baker Delight’s treatment was “moving”, prompting an investigation at one of the Australian chain stores.

Sydney’s mother made the discovery at BBQ Pizza of Neutral Bay, Sydney.

She told 7NEWS her daughter had already eaten half of the pizza when she noticed her “food is on the move”.

Footage shows what appear to be tiny larvae crawling next to a slice of pork over the snack.

Watch the footage in the video player above

“My daughter asked me to buy her a BBQ pizza from Bakers Delight,” she said.

Camera iconThe worms were moving next to a piece of meat on the pizza. credit: Supplied/7NEWS

“When she came home from school, she immediately started eating it … She was talking to me away, looking down and just screaming.”

The woman said she chose to raise awareness about the discovery because she was concerned that other families were also finding “worms” in their food.

She said, “It was just despicable.”

“There was a party going on there.”

Baker Delight said an investigation had begun at the store, which closed today for “deep cleaning”.

“The Bakers Delight support office has been in regular contact with the customer since this was reported 24 hours in advance and a thorough investigation is already underway,” the company told 7NEWS.

“This type of accident is not uncommon for our business, so we are dealing with this quickly.

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