Switzerland sets new record for Pirts.ch . account

Switzerland sets new record for Pirts.ch . account

Graubünden University of Applied Sciences has set a new record for calculating the number Pi with 62.8 trillion (62.8 trillion) decimal places. This is 12.8 trillion more than the previous record.

It took 108 days and nine hours for a powerful computer Calculate Pi With 62,800 billion digits after the decimal point, HES Graubünden reported on Monday. The last 10 digits of the Pi are “7817924264” which is confirmed by HES, noting that they will not reveal the full number until the record is approved by Guinness.

For example, HES Graubünden beat Timothy Mullican’s record in 2020 by 50,000 billion decimal places. The previous record was set by Google, which calculated Pi with 31415 billion decimal places in 2018. The HES computer did its calculations almost twice as fast as Google and 3.5 times faster than Timothy Mullican.

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“It is not practically feasible to figure out Pi to tens of trillions of decimal places,” admits HES. The advantage is in the way this sequence is calculated, which requires good hardware and some experience to configure the computer and run for weeks without interference.

The team that performed the calculation is led by Thomas Keeler, HES IT project manager, and Heiko Rölke, director of the Center for Data Analytics, Visualization, and Simulation (DAViS). DAViS knowledge and materials are in high demand in application areas such as RNA analysis and flow simulation, with an emphasis on HES.

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