Switzerland coach finds many trips but nothing: “Players never complain’

Switzerland coach finds many trips but nothing: ``Players never complain'

Vladimir Petkovich is proud of his players. The Swiss coach watched his men seize their last chance in the European Championship with a 3-1 victory over Turkey. However, Petkovic had something to criticize about UEFA after that.

The Swiss Bosnians are tired of traveling a lot. His country started the European Championship on June 12 in Baku against Wales (1-1). 4 days later, Italy lost (3-0) in Rome and then returned to Baku for a match against Turkey. There is a time difference of two hours between the Italian capital and the Azerbaijani capital.

“On Monday, we’re going to a different time zone for the fourth time,” Petkovic said. “It’s not pleasant. As a result, we have to constantly adjust the biological rhythm.” Petkovic was very happy to point this out at the press conference.

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“The media paid a little attention to this (right?). Greetings to my players. It was difficult but no one complained.” Switzerland has 4 points after 3 matches and is third in Group A. The best 4 numbers 3 can move on to the next stage and therefore Switzerland is in the waiting room.

Do nothing, Petkovitch said. “We can’t help but wait and see, but I’m optimistic. We can make it to the next turn and see who we meet.”

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