Switzerland and Brazil announce the Olympic teams, Norway’s Guliksen to Tokyo

Switzerland and Brazil announce the Olympic teams, Norway's Guliksen to Tokyo

The Swiss Olympic team consists of Steve Gordat, Longines runner-up, Martin Fox, Brian Balsiger and Pete Mindley. Luis Francisco Azevedo, Marlon Zanotelli, Rodrigo Pessoa and Yuri Mansour will represent Brazil at the Tokyo Olympics. In addition, Norway announced her solo debut.

The Swiss national team consists of:

  • Steve Gordat with Vignard de Cerici (Open Up Semilly x Djalisco du Guet)
  • Martin Fox Met Clooney (Cornet Obolensky x Ferragamo)
  • Brian Balsiger met Twenteto de Peach (Milord Carthage x Colors de Bocage)
  • Beat Mändli with Dsari (Vernon x Ahorn, breeder M. Smit)

The Brazilian national team consists of:

  • Luiz Francisco Azevedo with the Comic (Verdi TN x Heartbreaker, educator HA Heijmerink)
  • Marlon Zanotelli met VDL Edgar (Arezzo VDL x Marlon and fokker E. & M. Meijer)
  • Rodrigo Pessoa Meet Carlito Way (Casal x Lordanos)
  • Yuri Mansour met QH Alfons Santo Antonio (Aromats x False Pass)

Additionally, Norway announced its solo debut:

  • Geir Gulliksen with VDL Group Quatro (Quaprice du Bois Margot x Caletto I, breeder Jan Tops Horse Trading)

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