Swimming Australia has launched an investigation after…

Swimming Australia has launched an investigation after...

Swimming Australia announced on Saturday that it will launch an independent investigation into the allegations of swimmer Maddie Groves. Groves said on Instagram that it is appropriate to participate in the games because of the perverts who hate women.

Australia heads to Tokyo without swimming Muddy Groves. The Australian swimmer, who won two medals at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, is eligible for the Games because of the “misogynistic misogynist presence” in the sport.

“Let this be a lesson for misogynists at sports and those who lick their shoes,” Groves wrote. “You can no longer take advantage of young women and girls, make fun of their bodies or fear for their health, yet you expect us to represent you so that you can earn your annual reward.”

Groves did not specify who she is talking about. She also complained on Twitter last November that the person working in the swimming world “makes me uncomfortable with the way he stares at me.”

Swimming Australia will now partner with an “independent women’s committee” that will study “the experiences of women and girls in our sport”. The head of the swimming federation says he takes the allegations seriously. “The safety of our athletes is the most important thing,” he said.

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