Swim Like Ariel | devotion

Swim Like Ariel |  devotion

Some kids dream about it: Learn to swim like Ariel the Little Mermaid, the character from the popular Disney movie. This is possible at Swimming Pool Reeshof in Tilburg, although you must be at least seven years old. Quinn (7), Guusje (8), Fimki (7), Rana (7) and Madeleine (9) are in class together. They learn the technique behind the mermaid blow from trainer Anne Wahleen (20) and dive (deeper and deeper) and hold their breath for a long time.

Difficult mermaid battle. This technique is very similar to the butterfly stroke, but in this case your legs are together, your feet are in monofin and it all needs to be done underwater. It makes you fit so it’s more than just a dress up party at the pool.

Mermaid swimming: brought from the United States

What do children like about this way of swimming? “Just being a mermaid,” Quinn says. Its name is Underwater Shell. I first watched the sport in videos on the Internet. When she turned seven, she finally got a tail and was allowed to take lessons.

Mermaid swimming came from the United States about seven years ago and is especially popular among children, although adults are now starting to do it as well. Young mermaids are not yet busy with a prince on land, but at Swimming Pool Reeshof they are looking for mermaids to accompany the mermaids.

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