Suriname Police publishes a new “wanted” list

Surinaamse politie publiceert nieuwe ‘Most Wanted’-lijst

The Suriname Police Corps on Saturday published a new “wanted list” of the country’s most wanted criminals. The list includes 20 names, including a Brazilian woman threatened with a firearm and wanted for a violent robbery. Another woman who has since been arrested has disappeared from the list. Former Finance Minister, Gilmore Hovdrad (photo) is also on the list of Suriname Police.

Dangerous firearms

The list that can be downloaded here includes homicide and manslaughter suspects, thieves, perpetrators of violent theft and suspected firearms. The ages of the suspects ranged between 22 and 59, but the ages were not known by all the names. Some of the fugitives have been on the list for more than three years.

12 years in prison

Former Finance Minister Gilmore Hovdrad (59) is wanted in Suriname for offenses under the Anti-Corruption Act, Banking Act, Money Laundering Act, and for embezzlement and fraud. He was sentenced in absentia to 12 years in prison in December 2021.

The “wanted” list is regularly updated when a suspect is arrested.

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