Supporters of Bernie Sanders help Joe Biden build his Hispanic support

Supporters of Bernie Sanders help Joe Biden build his Hispanic support

Wilmington, Delaware – Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign is taking advantage of the strong support of Vermont Senator of Hispanic background to cement Joe Biden’s position in two states that could be key to the November election.

“Nuestro PAC” will release a 30-second ad on Thursday that will air for two weeks in Nevada and Iowa, two rapidly growing Hispanic states. Backed by a six-figure advertising budget, the ad features Hispanic workers from Sanders’ campaign saying they worked hard for him during the primaries, “but now we’re with Biden, because Biden has Bernie support.”

“We are going to states where Bernie has dominated the Hispanic vote to help bolster Biden,” The group’s founder, Chuck Rocha, who was the head of Sanders’ campaign efforts in Spanish society commented. “In Iowa, reaching out to Hispanics will surprise people … But they’re out there and we’re winning them by a big margin. The other side of the equation is going to Nevada to empower young Latinos.”

The Biden campaign acknowledged that his position among Hispanics needed strengthening and tried to build a coalition of more than 20 constituencies to mitigate it – including seniors, Native Americans, and another group that strongly supported Sanders during the primary and progressive elections. .

On Tuesday, the Biden campaign launched its own ads in English and Spanish targeting the Spanish community. It is shown on television and digitally in Arizona, Florida and Nevada. Advertisements are also found in states where Hispanic people do not get a lot of attention but can play a critical role in elections – Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Biden’s other contender in the primaries is the former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg announced a $ 100 million investment in Florida for BidenAfter a poll showed there was less support among Hispanics than Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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Rocha’s organization focuses on Sanders’ appeal in the areas he has supported by Hispanics. Sanders won the Nevada primary on a grand scale, and the small and growing Iowa Spanish community led him to success there.

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