Summoned about German border policy: These are the most important questions and answers

Een auto gaat de Duitse grens over. Foto: ANP

Visitors to Omroep Gelderland also had the necessary questions. Sometimes because they have to be in Germany for medical reasons, sometimes because they passed by on their way to a distant destination and sometimes because they had to pick up something on German soil. De Ruiter can answer most questions on behalf of Euregion.

I want to go to a sick relative in Germany and I won’t stay for 24 hours. Do I need a test?

You can look at it simply by saying: Everyone who steps foot on German soil needs to be tested. So if you go to a sick family member, you also need a test result. You belong to the group of exceptions from people who work or study abroad or have a duty Care. Your test date may be 72 hours maximum. If you are not one of the exceptions and want to go to Germany, the test result may be up to 48 hours. “

What kind of test should it be: a commercial test, or could it also be a pharmacy self-test?

“It can’t be a self-test, because there has to be an official certificate stating the time of the test. So it can’t be a self-test, you can buy it from the pharmacy nowadays. You have to rely on a commercial test, because GGD doesn’t run tests for prevention.”

I just cross Germany to go to work in Holland. So I’m going from the Netherlands, via Germany, to somewhere else in the Netherlands. Do I need a test?

“No. If you stay in the car, you don’t need a test.”

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What if I travel through Germany on a trip to another country, like Switzerland?

“If you can continue driving at once without stopping, to refuel or urinate, for example, you can go without a test certificate. But if you want to get out of the car, you need a negative test certificate.”

I go to Germany with an empty trailer to take a cart from there. Should you have a test?

“Yes, because you are leaving the car in Germany. So you need a test.”

I have to go to Germany for a medical visit, such as a visit to the hospital or to get an appointment with a physiotherapist. Do I need a test?

“Certainly, if you have a destination in Germany, they should take a test with you that is no more than 48 hours old.”

How about cyclists and hikers who roam Germany and stay in Germany for a few hours?

“This is still not clear to us. At the moment we are explaining the policy in a way that you should have a negative test certificate, because this does not fall under the category of transit. But tomorrow we have a meeting with the ministry to ask for that clarity on this.”

What about controls?

“The German Bundespolisi, as well as the German Marichusze, and the regular police have deployed additional capabilities. They are not normal at the border, but they are being checked.”

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