Summary: Pumas 0-0 Pachuca Liga MX 2020 | 11/29/2020

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2 hours ago 2:57 PM

94 ‘

The match ends, the score remains at zeros and Pumas qualifies for the semi-finals of Guard1anes 2020.

2:55 PM 2 hours ago

94 ‘

A good sweep of Mayorga avoids the arrival of Tuzos in the small area of ​​Pumas

2 hours ago 2:54 PM

93 ‘

Ustari goes on the offensive! The goalkeeper nodded but the ball was not a problem.

2 hours ago 2:53 PM

90 ‘

Change puma. Brian Mendoza enters Dino.

2 hours ago 2:52 PM

89 ‘

Strong clash between Gonzales and Murillo but both of them really wake up without problems.

2:49 PM 2 hours ago

87 ‘

A goal keeper! Central Bardot, but Gonzalez throws himself and moves the ball away

2:47 p.m. two hours ago

86 ‘

A good save for Gonzalez, who keeps the ball after Nurse’s dangerous shot.

2:46 PM 2 hours ago

84 ‘

He detonated it! The jump is left to Brian Gonzalez, who flies spherically just in front of goal.

2:45 p.m. 2 hours ago

83 ‘

Good interference by Freire, after Tuzo’s shot, the ball hit the defender and lost a clear one.

2:40 PM 2 hours ago

78 ‘

A flash of Iturbe that goes to the stands

2:40 PM 2 hours ago

77 ‘

Change tozos. Enter Bryan González by Rodrigo Salinas

Two hours ago 2:35 PM

73 ‘

Change of workplaces. Carlos Gutierrez leaves for Juan Ettorpe

2:31 pm two hours ago

69 ‘

A good catch by Gutiérrez ends with a slightly broken shot.

Since 2:30 PM

68 ‘

Pachuca changes. Felipe Bardot and Roberto Enter Nurse by Victor Garcia and Emmanuel Garcia

2:26 PM 2 hours ago

65 ‘

Ismail Sousa center, but Gonzalez jumps and stays with the ball

2:22 p.m. 2 hours ago

61 ‘

With his head is Johan Vasquez, who pushes danger away from Gonzalez’s arc.

2:21 p.m. 2 hours ago

59 ‘

Change puma. Facundo Waller Papers from Andrés Iniestra

2:21 p.m. 2 hours ago

57 ‘

Waller’s twinkle passes slightly derailed

2:20 p.m. 2 hours ago

56 ‘

Double change to Tuzos. Entry by Eric Sanchez and Ismail Sousa by Francisco Figueroa and Victor Davila

2:17 p.m. 2 hours ago

55 ‘

Good interference by Johan Vásquez to prevent the ball from reaching the goal.

2:15 p.m. 2 hours ago

54 ‘

Denino’s header, but the ball reaches Ostari without problems.

2:11 PM 3 hours ago

49 ‘

Youve! A shot by Carlos Gonzalez that Ostari was able to clear

2:09 PM 3 hours ago

47 ‘

The remaining ball bounces to Alan Mozo, who shoots from outside the area, but the ball goes far

2:08 PM 3 hours ago

46 ‘

Almost! Denino finishes the ball with his head first, but the ball goes past the side

3 hours ago

45 ‘

The sequel begins in Mexico City.

3 hours ago

45 + 2 ‘

At the end of the first part, the scoreboard continues without opening in CU

3 hours ago

45 + 2 ‘

Julio Gonzalez flies and stays with the ball without problems.

3 hours ago

44 ‘

A goal keeper! Carlos Gutierrez finished, but Ostari carefully blocked the ball from entering

3 hours ago

40 ‘

Eric Lyra appears to pull the ball from Toza’s attack and stop them from scoring first.

3 hours ago

37 ‘

He forgave Pachuca! Victor Davila is left alone against Gonzalez, but the striker ends up moving that ball.

3 hours ago

33 ‘

Gonzales! The local goalkeeper gets out with his fist and a ball arrives with enough danger and takes a heavy kick.

3 hours ago

31 ‘

Cabral good intervention avoids uraziol being dangerous

3 hours ago

28 ‘

a stick! Dávila finishes, crashing the crossbar and Pumas is rescued

3 hours ago

27 ‘

Morello’s head that passes slightly over the bow of Gonzalez.

3 hours ago

26 ‘

Strong entry to Mozo on the road to Luis Chávez that culminated in warning for Oryazole

3 hours ago

17 ‘

A goal keeper! Gutierrez’s shot was rejected by Ostari and left the ball to Wall, who could not finish the match well.

1:10 PM 4 hours ago

9 ‘

Good Waller coverage seriously prevents Salinas from arriving

4 hours ago 1:08 PM

6 ‘

Pachuca is on top! After Gonzales’ shot and saved, the rebound is left to Davila, who is encouraged to shoot, but the ball moves sideways

4 hours ago 1:06 PM

4 ‘

A good shot by Freire goes past Ustari’s arc

4 hours ago

2 ‘

Good start for Gonzalez! Behind Figueroa and Dávila’s wall, the latter is encouraged to shoot, but the archer makes a good save.

4 hours ago 1:01 PM

0 ‘

The meeting begins at the University Olympic Stadium

4 hours ago

Running around!

Fencing is nowhere near starting in CU.

4 hours ago

Bomas: LineUp |

J. González; Mozo, A. Mayorga, J. Vasquez, N. Frere; F. Waller, C. Gutierrez, J. Vigón, E. Lira; Denino, C. Gonzalez.

4 hours ago

Sebastian Saucedo appears again!

4 hours ago

Ostari gets ready!

12:09 PM 5 hours ago

How to Watch Liguilla Pumas vs Pachuca Live TV and Stream

12:04 PM 5 hours ago

Pumas has young employees!

Auriazules has an average life of 25.5; The Tuzus averages 27.3, noting that the El Pedregal team made use of their quarry in the first place.

11:59 AM 5 hours ago

The first time in qualifying!

This is the first time Lillini and Pezzolano have entered Liguilla in the MX League. The Tuzo bus has already entered the “Fiesta Grande” from the MX Cup.

11:54 am 5 hours ago

Pachuca: The last lineup

O. Ustari K. lvarez, G. Cabral, O. Murillo; Guzman, I. Aguirre, E. Sousa, El Chavez, F. Pardo; R. Nurse, E. Sánchez.

5 hours ago

Pumas: The last line-up

J. González; Mozo, A. Mayorga, J. Vasquez, N. Frere; F. Alvarez, F. Waller, J. Vigón, E. Lira; Denino, C. Gonzalez.

5 hours ago

Pachuca has not won since 2014!

In the quarter-finals of 2014 Clausura, Pachuca defeated Universitarios 4 goals to 2 at home, eliminating them to advance to the next stage.

5 hours ago

Pumas will seek to continue the dream

5 hours ago

Starting time

The Pumas vs Pachuca match will be played at Olímpico Universitario in Mexico City. The start of the match has been set at 1 PM ET.

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