Summary of Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 1 subtitled [Spoiler] Come for dinner

Blue Bloods Season 11 Premiere

CBS ‘ Blue blood Season eleven opened with some notable reflection on police brutality, serial killer fear of Danny and Baez, and a hint of Reagan making a major change in his life. Plus, we get the third A new family dinner guest in four seasons!

As the premiere started, there was a sense of it Blue blood – Which is being About the NYPD Commissioner and his family – maybe the only TV show we wanted or Need To hear about police brutality and civil unrest. It came in the form of Frank’s struggle with City Council Mayor Regina Thomas (returning guest star Whoopi Goldberg), who tore up the NYPD on a morning radio show. Later, while meeting at the municipal office, Frank and Regina came to a dead end after a deadlock, with each side urging the other to “de-escalate.” She asked Frank’s cops to stand up Down, But confirms that they are paid to stand up above. (But L. Each?, Regina asks.) When Regina claims there are “criminals in the ranks of the NYPD,” Frank says, “You need to get your head out of your ass,” which he quickly apologizes for.

Things between the two weren’t much better when Frank later showed up in Regina’s office. With the mayor himself turning away from the police force recently, Frank became upset at how he was serving the people And the His officers without betraying either side, it falls to Gormley to draft a letter of resignation, with an eloquent “PS”, and Frank appears to be considering sending him to the mayor.

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Elsewhere this week:

* While knocking on the doors to obtain information about a young woman found asphyxiated, Danny and Baez were locked in a brownstone basement, apparently for a serial killer. Baez pushed down the stairs, squeezed badly, and was in excruciating pain as Danny searched unsuccessfully for a way out. At one point, Bayes shared how she got back when living in Alphabet City “with a muscular head,” and no one showed up on the day he was promoted to a job as a detective. Meanwhile, Danny – as one Reagan whose luck never seems to be running out of luck – is taking the family ties he has, including the annoying Irene, for granted, Baez points out.

Although Danny failed to grab Jimmy and Joe’s attention when they first knocked on the brownstone, with the serial killer’s son pumping out the music loudly, in the end, Sgt and Detective Danny and Baez found out when they suspected a malicious toy inside. Then Joe, who appears to be still looking for his, if any, place in his newly discovered family, refused a Sunday dinner invitation, but nonetheless there was a special guest that week, when Danny Baez brought a really creamy bread-breaker with him. brood.

* In a story reminiscent of NCIS: New OrleansAt the start of the season, Eddy helped a young woman, Anita, locate the body of her father, who died and was misplaced during the first heavy wave of deaths from the Coronavirus. Eddie eventually drives Anita to Potter Stadium on Hart Island, where the latter recites a prayer her father says in front of her at every basketball match. As Anita cries over the grave of her father, with whom she fought the last time they spoke, he prompts Eddie to make the decision to go to her father’s next “sympathy hearing”.

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