Successful coach Carlo Ancelotti working on the last club: “Maybe as a national coach” | football

Successful coach Carlo Ancelotti working on the last club: "Maybe as a national coach" |  football

“After Real Madrid, I will probably finish him as the club’s coach,” said the experienced coach in an interview. Prime video† “Maybe there will be a sequel as national coach, but it is too early to make any statements about that. I have already ruled out the next World Cup, but maybe in four years there is still a possibility.”

The current Real Madrid manager is keen to spend more time with his family. “I would like to see my grandchildren more and travel with my wife. I have never been to Australia and Rio de Janeiro. I would also like to visit my sister often. There will be enough to do.”

Ancelotti has been in the coaching profession for nearly thirty years. In the early 1990s, he began his coaching career as an assistant national coach for Arrigo Sacchi in Italy. The Italians finished second in the World Cup finals in the United States. Subsequently, as head coach, he won the Champions League three times (twice with Milan and once with Real Madrid) and five league titles in a row with Milan, Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich and thus Real Madrid.

There may be another Champions League this year. With Real Madrid, Ancelotti faces Manchester City in the Champions League semi-finals.


Then Ancelotti will play on the attack. “Sometimes you have to take risks, and we have succeeded in that this season because we have a lot of quality up front,” the Italian said on his premiere.

That should happen without injured defender David Alaba. Midfielder Casemiro is once again in the semi-finals after not being fit before. According to Ancelotti, the Brazilian’s return is important for his team to play as a unit, something that could have been better in the first leg. “We have to improve compared to the first game, we have to be better defensively.”

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According to the coach, his team gained confidence by winning the Spanish national title. “We are focusing on this match because it is the most important of the season. We have an advantage at home and we will be aggressive as always. We have a quality at the beginning that allows us to take risks.”

Midfielder Luka Modric, who is looking to reach the Champions League final for the fifth time with Real Madrid, said he has great confidence from the thirteen Champions League titles and European Cup 1 won by Real Madrid in history. “It affects our mentality a lot because you think you can achieve anything with this shirt,” said the 36-year-old Croatian.

Modric also gets positive points from the first leg lost by England. “We know we didn’t play well there and we still scored three goals,” the midfielder said. He also gained confidence from the fact that his team came back from behind in the Champions League earlier this season, against Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain.

Guardiola Locker hopes

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola is hoping Kyle Walker will be back again on Wednesday. The right-back had to miss the first match last week due to an injury.

“Walker has trained and will go to Madrid,” Guardiola said on Tuesday. “We will only make the decision in Spain. He hasn’t trained for three weeks, but we’re happy he’s back.”

Without Walker, Manchester City won the first match 4-3. John Stones started as a right-back, but retired at the end of the first half. Portugal’s Joao Cancelo, who was suspended last week, could play as a right-back.

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“We will probably be better than last week,” Guardiola said. “What matters most is what you learned from the previous match. What mistakes were made and how you can avoid them. Experience helps, but it does not guarantee success in any way. It is very likely that we play a worse match than last week and still win. In such The game, the team never controls for the full 90 minutes.”

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