Stunning photos of meteors in Norway | abroad

Stunning photos of meteors in Norway |  abroad

recordings from Surveillance Cameras It showed very strong flashes of light, followed by a loud bang. The police received numerous reports of concerned citizens, but there were no reports of injuries or damage.

A meteorite is a piece of rock that burns very quickly and glows strongly when it enters the atmosphere. Meteorites are called meteorite pieces that did not burn and are recovered on Earth.

According to the Norwegian Meteor Network, the meteor fireball can be seen for five seconds after entering at around 1 a.m. local time. The network estimates that the meteor upon its entry was traveling at a speed of 16.3 kilometers per second, or 58,680 kilometers per hour.


Norwegian astronomer Vigaard Reka told the BBC that his wife – who was awake at the time – heard something vibrating before an explosion that she thought was caused by something heavy that fell near their house.

Since then, Rika has watched “cool videos” of the meteorite, something that is rarely captured in Norway or other parts of the world. Early evidence suggests that the meteorite fell in a wooded area called Finnemarka, about 60 kilometers west of Oslo.


A group of campers there reported a “big explosion right above their heads”. Analysis of the images leads experts to suspect that the meteorite weighed at least ten kilograms. That in and of itself isn’t great, but the extraordinary thing is that so many people have seen and heard it.

In 2013, a similar situation arose when a meteorite hit the Urals in Russia, causing huge damage.

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