Studio Ghibli fan brings Nausicaa to life with stunning 3D models

Studio Ghibli fan brings Nausicaa to life with stunning 3D models

Studio Ghibli is diving into 3D art for the first time with their upcoming feature-length movie coming out later this year in Erwig and the Witch, But one artist took the opportunity before the film was released to take the animation style and apply it to one of the studio’s classic films in Nausicaa Valley of the Wind! Over the decades, Ghibli gained more than his legendary reputation and was even honored with Academy Awards by presenting his magic film in kidnapped By winning the best motion picture of that year award!

Erwig and the Witch It would be a breakthrough for the studio, which has traditionally used 2D artwork to bring life back to their magical worlds, usually focusing on a hero hailing from the realm of ordinary life. Nausicaa However, it was a very special movie for Ghibli in general as it was the first animated film for which the Animation House was created, with the adaptation of the long-running manga series. It was very popular Nausicaa from the valley of the Wind actually got her own kabuki play in Japan, as it retells the events of the completely different anime world that helped create the legendary animation studio!

Twitter user Sketchfab shared this impressive, 3D recreation of one of your jaw-dropping moments Nausicaa Valley of the Wind, How the upcoming movie from Ghibli is shown in Erwig and the Witch On its release later this year it might look:

Ghibli rose to the point where animation has moved beyond the animation world, with its own museum and even an amusement park that will bring many of the animation studio’s creations to life. As one of the largest animation studios in the world today, we are always keen to see what the future holds for Studio Ghibli with its upcoming movies in the form of Erwig and the Witch and How to Live!

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