Streamz brings HBO Max to Flanders

Streamz brings HBO Max to Flanders

On Streamz, Meryl Streep will appear in Let Them All Talk.

Streamz, the live broadcasting service of DPG Media and Telenet, has expanded its agreement with US production company HBO. So various programs from the HBO MAX live streaming service will be shown in Flanders from May 10.

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HBO Max is the production company’s live broadcasting service for hit series such as Game of thronesAnd the Big Little Lies On Chernobyl. The service has been operating in the United States since last year, and plans to expand into Latin America and Europe have been announced this year.

Streamz now obtains the exclusive rights to custom-made production for HBO Max. It is not clear if this means that HBO Max will not come to Flanders independently in the short or long term. Streamz does not want to disclose the term of the agreement.


The HBO Max range includes the series Bred by wolves From director Ridley Scott and movies Shut down With Anne Hathaway and Let them all talk With Meryl Streep. Streamz will be able to host series and movies in Flanders as soon as they launch in the US, says Streamz CEO Peter Vindevogel.

HBO Max has also requested a highly-anticipated special feature in the sitcom “Friends”. It is not yet clear, according to Vindevogel, whether Streamz will also be able to offer this.

In the coming months, Streamz will also launch new home series, including Storm Lara With Ella Layers and F *** you are very much With Francis Lifebour. Streamz also collaborates with Dutch streaming service Videoland on series of feature films and documentaries.

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