‘Stranger Things’ fans create a realistic (and spooky) version of Possessed Max

'Stranger Things' fans create a realistic (and spooky) version of Possessed Max

Stranger Things 4 It’s been on Netflix for a while now. The season saw the hype around the series come back and everyone was mesmerized by the Upside Down and the Hawkins once again. Of course, that also means there’s a lot going on during Halloween this year Weird thingsRelated things will be displayed. The TikTok account has already shown how an important scene from the season will be honored.

You can’t start early enough with Halloween. That’s what Dave and Aubrey, a Chicago couple, also thought. They made a lifelike version of the icon Running over this hillScene pause stranger things 4. It seems very realistic to say the least.

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Fans agree that Max (Sadie Sink)’s character starred in the final season of Weird things. From the start, the focus has been on the character and its training in thinking. In the third season, she lost her brother Billy, whom she blamed. This guilt was the perfect ace for Vecna, the villain in Season 4.

In the end, Vecna ​​actually caught her in the early part of the season. then save it Running over this hill Kate Bush’s life during one of the series’ most famous scenes. And this scene is now brought to life on the amazing TikTok.


Next month, it will be Halloween again, which is widely celebrated in the United States. Some are already busy with their decorations and costumes. This includes Dave and Aubrey, an American couple who make horror props. They have already shared their first Halloween decorations via TikTok. These are mainly the traits and characters of Weird things to see.

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They made, among other things, the well-known watches from the fourth season, but the most striking is their version of Max. The pair made a fake version of the possessed Max from Episode IV.

The video on TikTok shows a flying character wearing exactly the same clothes as the character in the series. It’s also almost impossible to see how the prop is suspended in the air, which makes it even crazier. Fans are already excited about the fake version, and even presenter Jimmy Fallon has already reacted to the video.

Watch the video here:

horrorprops Stranger Things – Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

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