Strange fish caught with human teeth in the US

Strange fish caught with human teeth in the US

The fish caught in North Carolina in early August is rondo moto, or lamb chop head. His teeth are similar to human teeth

A fishing trip that will make you smile… In early August, Nathan Martin, an American in his 30s from North Carolina, caught a very original fish, the photo of which appeared in BBC social media reports.

his privacy? His teeth look strangely like human teeth. The fish actually has several incisors on the front of its jaw and several rows of molars, as seen in the photo shared by the fisherman. The BBC explains that its teeth “make it possible to break the shells of oysters, oysters and other mussels”.

This omnivorous species called “rondeau mouton” or “spare head of lamb” can reach a height of more than 90 cm and weigh about 10 kg. It lives mainly “on the east coast of the United States up to the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean,” as a specialist in western France identifies. So it is relatively unknown because it is very local, eg there are no recorded species in Europe.

“This fish does not pose any danger to humans,” the specialist explains to our colleagues. On the other hand, it is edible and is often cooked in the Caribbean and the United States.

For his part, the lucky fisherman did not say whether he cooked or released the fish. Anyway, he has a very fond memory: “It was a great catch, it was great,” he said in an interview with McClathy News.

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