State of Emergency in Washington Until January 24, the FBI warns of armed protests

State of Emergency in Washington Until January 24, the FBI warns of armed protests

On Monday, President Donald Trump agreed to declare a state of emergency in Washington. The state of emergency will be in effect until January 24, four days after Biden’s inauguration.

Certainly, there are security concerns in Washington after the storming of Parliament last Wednesday. A militant group reportedly has plans to go to Washington on Saturday to stand there if there are attempts to remove President Trump from office. The House of Representatives took the first steps to that end earlier on Monday.

Due to the threats, many actions have already been taken or announced in the lead up to the installation. The National Guard is allowed to equip up to 15,000 men to march safely.

The mayor of Washington and the governors of neighboring Virginia and Maryland have urged the public not to attend Biden’s inauguration.

Capitol Police came under fire to storm the Capitol Building. The police department was not poorly equipped and accused of not daring to intervene against Trump supporters. At least two police officers were suspended and one officer arrested. Ten to fifteen officers are still under investigation.

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