Stalker Protection: How to Hide Your Online Status on WhatsApp

Stalker Protection: How to Hide Your Online Status on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has released a long-awaited feature: users can now hide whether they are online. Another feature is also coming.

Users of the popular WhatsApp software can hide their online status. The functionality has been waiting for a long time and enables other users not to know if Messenger is currently open or not.

The functionality is located in the application settings under “Account” and “Privacy”. Under the menu item “Last Connected / Connected”, you can set which contacts are allowed to see the status of the connection.

There are two options: either “All Contacts” or “Same “Last Seen”. If the last point is activated, WhatsApp adopts the option specified for the “Who can see my “Last Online” timestamp” function.

There you can set, for example, that the status remains hidden for all users or only for certain contacts.

Communities: WhatsApp reorganizes group chats

Another new feature is designed to make it easier to manage and use group chats. The function, called Communities, allows you to group several group chats under one main topic.

For example, WhatsApp cites a local school community with group chats for individual classes or a neighborhood community – broken down into areas of interest. Community members can connect with each other even if they are not in a chat together. Administrators have extensive options to make sure this runs smoothly as well.

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