Specter ski villa James Bond for sale for an exorbitant amount

Specter ski villa James Bond for sale for an exorbitant amount

A brand new ski retreat inspired by the glass villa in the James Bond movie ghostfor sale. For $33.5 million, you are the new owner of this beautiful snow villa in Utah.

The house with the fantastic name Snowfall is a tribute to the 2015 James Bond movie in which Daniel Craig plays the famous secret agent 007. The name Snowfall is a nod to another Bond movie: sky fall.

James Bond ski villa under construction

Potential buyers will still have to be patient: according to developer Matt Alconede, the construction of Snowfall is still in full swing. It is not expected to be completed until before the 2023/2024 ski season.

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Snow is likely to pass under the hammer this weekend by Steve Gorey of Keeler Williams Park City.

The final location of the snowfall

Developer Matt Alconede visited the glass house in Austria that served as the stage for the James Bond movie ghost. Back in the United States, he searched for a similar site for years until he reached the summit of the Deer Valley Resort mountain. In his eyes the perfect place for snow.

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The original in Austria gave much inspiration to Alconede, due to the many windows that offer unobstructed views of the enchanting white landscape. He also wanted to take advantage of the possibility of donning his sleds at any time for an undisturbed descent to Snowfall.

inside the villa

The 140 square meter bedroom area – the size of an entire house in the Netherlands – could be called gigantic. If it’s really cold, you can warm up with your partner(s) by one of the heaters.

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Snowfall, ski villa, villa, James Bond, ghost, yoga
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The main kitchen provides every opportunity to spoil the company. But let’s be honest: if you can save 33.5 million euros, you’re just hiring a platoon of kitchen staff. Snowfall’s designers have also thought about it. Next to the main kitchen there is a catering kitchen. Outside the ski villa there is a special area for delicious winter barbecues.

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Of course, no James Bond-inspired home would be complete without an expansive movie theatre. In this beautiful spacious case where you can watch the entire 007 series with all your friends and acquaintances.

Private car showroom

You read that right, Snowfall has its own auto showroom. Not just for your own cars, but it’s fully equipped with turntables, so your guests can also show off their cars. Also an excellent place to store snowmobiles.

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In the realm of fine cars, we don’t have to learn much from James Bond actor Daniel Craig. The Daniel Craig fleet is one that many car enthusiasts can only dream of.

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