Spanish footballers national coach repels rebellious players

Spanish footballers national coach repels rebellious players

National coach Jorge Velda has not chosen one of the 15 Spanish footballers who indicated earlier this month that they no longer wanted to play under him. Velda called up 23 players for the matches against Sweden and the United States on 3 and 11 October.

In an email to the Spanish Football Federation last week, the players reported that the situation under the coach’s leadership was detrimental to their emotional state and health. The Spanish Federation stood by Velda and condemned the players for questioning his position. Barcelona players Patre Guigaro, Mabe Leon, Sandra Banos and Itana Ponmateti were not selected. Also, among others, Una Batley and Lucia Garcia of Manchester United and Leila Wahabi and Laya Alexandri of Manchester City were missing from the selection.

Top player Alexia Putillas has supported her teammates, but is currently injured. Jenny Hermoso and defender Irene Paredes, who did not send a letter to the Spanish federation but supported the rebellious players, were not invited.

The Spanish Football Federation did not reveal the identities of the fifteen players. The federation says it fully supports the coach and that players can only return to the selection if they admit their mistake and ask for forgiveness.


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