Spain tackles penalty shootout against Switzerland and reaches the semi-finals | European Championship 2020

Spain tackles penalty shootout against Switzerland and reaches the semi-finals |  European Championship 2020

Spain dealt with the shock of penalty kicks. Switzerland was eliminated after the horrific penalty shootout. After 120 minutes the score was 1-1 on the scoreboard. Spain squandered a poor second-half lead due to defensive sensitivity. Freuler’s stern red card came as a godsend, which could not be taken advantage of in extra time.

Switzerland and Spain in a nutshell:

  • important moment: The Swiss regained the fight after an early goal against them and also held out in extra time, but in the penalty shootout “La Nati” does not waste the net 3 times. Ruben Vargas is a murderer, who is mercilessly punished by Oyarzabal.
  • man of the match: What a match from Jan Sommer. The Swiss goalkeeper didn’t have much work during the regular time, but he was suddenly on the shooting field during overtime. With some great saves he managed to drag Switzerland into the penalty shootout.
  • SpecialSpain qualified for the fourth time after a penalty shootout in the European Football Championship. The previous three times he also reached the final that year: 1984 (against Denmark in the semi-finals), 2008 (against Italy in the quarter-finals) and 2012 (against Portugal in the semi-finals).

View summary:

Switzerland is left behind

Was Switzerland able to jump again after defeating France and also knocking Spain out of the tournament? That was the question in St. Petersburg. But it turns out that the football gods were less in favor of “La Nati” this time.

After a bad corner kick, Jordi Alba suddenly scored from outside the penalty area. Unfortunately, his shot hit Zakaria and left Sumer without a chance. 0-1 after just 8 minutes, the start of Spain’s dream and a big loss for the Swiss.

The misfortune continued for Switzerland, as defending champion Empolo withdrew after 20 minutes. In addition, Captain Chaka was also missing due to suspension. Thus, the Swiss could not at any time embarrass Spain.

Spain enforced the law, but the 2-0 chase was in doubt. Apart from the opening goal, only a free kick from Koke that passed over the goal caused some excitement in a very poor first half.

Video: Freuler’s red color!

Spain is playing with fire and burning itself

Switzerland had a difficult mountain trek after the break, moreover, alternative Olmo brought more flair to the Spaniards. But Spain seemed a little confident. At that hour, La Roja had already received a first warning when Zakaria’s header went wide.

Switzerland sniffed his chance, and shortly thereafter Simon had to play for the first time when Vargas Zuber gave a cunning pass alone in front of the goalkeeper. Spain played with fire and eventually burned itself as well.

After some fumbling with Laporte and Pau Torres, Frueller suddenly managed to give Shaqiri an equaliser. With his third goal in the European Championship, he brought everything back into balance: 1-1.

Ten minutes later, Freuler again claimed a leading role, but this time with a strong intervention. On the ball, although with him was Gerard Moreno. Referee Oliver was harsh and his face was red. Spain tried to take advantage of the numerical advantage, but Switzerland took advantage of the extra time.

Watch the penalty shootout:

Spain leaves penalty kick shock behind

In those extra times, Spain had chances, but despite the man having more, it didn’t yield any goals. Jan Sommer had a lot to do with this, as the Switzerland goalkeeper single-handedly made his country straight.

Switzerland took the penalty shootout and already considered itself a bit rich. Spain had missed the last five penalties, including 2 against Switzerland in the Nations League in November. In addition, Spain died 3 years ago in the 2018 World Cup after sanctions against the host country Russia.

In the penalty shootout, nerves seemed to prevail. Only 2 of the first 6 penalties were hit. Switzerland also missed a fourth penalty kick, thus Oyarzabal was able to send Spain to the semi-finals. Italy is waiting.

Switzerland coach: “My players are champions”

Switzerland had a good championship (unexpectedly), but the penalties against Spain were too many.

“Congratulations to the Spaniards,” said Swiss coach Vladimir Petkovic.

“I am proud of my team with all the players,” Petkovic added. “Unfortunately, the red card made our game difficult for 45 minutes, but my players are the heroes of the evening. They deserved to continue.”

“Penalties are a lottery and this time we lost. Goalkeeper Jan (Somer, editor) is a champion.”

“We were left with mixed feelings. A lot of pride, because we gave it all and come home with our heads held high. But at the same time we were so close to the semi-finals, which doesn’t happen every year.”

Spain coach: Penalties are not a lottery at all

Spanish national coach Luis Enrique was happy. “Switzerland is a very difficult opponent,” he said. “After the first goal, they started putting more pressure on us.”

“But I think it is totally wrong to say that penalty kicks are a lottery. The way players deal with stress and the skill of goalkeepers plays into play. There are many things that go into that, things that are impossible to train.”

“If it all ends well, that would be very nice,” Enrique said.

  1. Penalty kicks at 8:42 pm .. Oyarzabal does it for Spain! Oyarzabal leads Spain to the semi-finals! Somer sends the wrong way. La Roja crawls through the eye of the needle, and Switzerland can leave the European Championship with its head held high. .
  2. Penalty kicks at 8:41 and Spain are approaching the semi-finals. Errors are constantly piling up. Vargas explodes the ball over the goal. Spain is waiting for us, the next penalty kick could be decisive! .
  3. Penalty kicks at 8:40 pm, no problem with Moreno. Gerard Moreno explains how this should be done. Its height of eleven meters rises precisely in the upper right corner. .
  4. Penalty kicks, 8:39 p.m. Akanji cannot score. Akanji also takes a very weak penalty kick. Simon can keep the ball back out of his net. .
  5. Penalty kicks, at 8:38 pm. Sumer takes the penalty kick from Sumer. Sumer also saves a penalty. Rodri also makes very weak central kicks. .
  6. Penalty kicks, 8:38pm, weak penalty kick from Cher! Cher kicks very poorly and Simon can easily grab the ball. He is right again! .
  7. Penalty kicks, 8:37 p.m. Olmo does not fail. Olmo does what Busquets could not, and takes the penalty without errors. .
  8. Penalty kicks at 8:36 pm Gavranovic gives Switzerland the lead. Gavranovic does not miss this opportunity. Simon sends the wrong way and kicks the ball high into the goal. .
  9. Penalty kicks, 8:35pm, Busquets hit the post! Exciting start for Spain! Busquets pays the first penalty against the post! .
  10. Penalty kicks, 8:34 p.m. Oliver takes both goalkeepers for some explaining. Will one of them soon become the champion of his country? .
  11. Penalty kicks, 8:34 p.m. Oliver explains the rules again to Somer and Busquets in the toss. The tension was cut in St. Petersburg. .
  12. Penalty kicks, 20h 08 Match finished
  13. 02-07-2021.
  14. Penalties, 1 a.m. Penalty kick scored by Mikel Oyarzabal of Spain. 1, 3.
  15. Penalties, 1 a.m. Missing a penalty kick during the penalty shootout by Swiss Ruben Vargas.
  16. Penalties, 1 a.m. Penalty kick scored by Gerard Van Spani during the penalty kicks. 1, 2.
  17. Penalties, 1 a.m. Missing a penalty kick during the penalty shootout by Swiss Manuel Akanji.
  18. Penalties, 1 a.m. Loss of a penalty kick during the penalty shootout by Spaniard Rodri.
  19. Penalties, 1 a.m. Missing a penalty kick during the penalty shootout by Swiss Fabian Scherr.
  20. Penalties, 1 a.m. Penalty kick scored by Dani Olmo from Spain. 1, 1.
  21. Penalties, 1 a.m. Penalty kick scored by Mario Gavranovic in the penalty shootout from Switzerland. 1, 0.
  22. Penalties, 1 a.m. Missing a penalty kick during the penalty shootout by Sergio Busquets.
  23. Penalty kicks, 20 hours started
  24. Yellow card for Switzerland Mario Gavranovic during the second extra time, minute 121
  25. Second overtime, 121 minutes. Overtime is over! We get penalties in the first quarter-finals! For the second time in a row for Switzerland and for the first time for Spain. .
  26. Second extra time, 120th minute. One minute left. Can it still be done with the Spaniards or will it be penalties? .
  27. Second extra time, 119th minute. Substitution in Spain, Rodri inside, Pedri outside
  28. Second overtime, 119th minute. Moreno, once again, kicks Olmo.

    Moreno, once again, kicks Olmo

  29. The second extra time, the 118th minute. Penalties are approaching. Gerard Moreno can press again, but the striker is not doing well at the moment. Somer goes flat on the low slider. Sanctions are getting closer and closer. .
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