SpaceX could be on its way to Mars sooner than you think

SpaceX could be on its way to Mars sooner than you think

A view of SpaceX’s Starship vehicle behind the Boca Chica village home on Friday, September 27, 2019, in Boca Chica. The prototype of SpaceX, which resembles the old sci-fi movie rocket of the 1950s, will be a completely reusable transport system designed to serve all needs of Earth’s orbit as well as the moon and Mars.

Mary de Jesus, Houston Chronicle / Staff photographer

SpaceX could head to Mars sooner than expected.

In a December 1 interview with Matthias Dobfner of Axel Springer SE, SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk said that he was “absolutely confident” that SpaceX was on its way to Mars six years from now, but that it could happen in Early by 2024.

“If I say six years from now I think [I’m] Very confident, if we were lucky, maybe four years, “he said, adding,” We want to try to send an unmanned vehicle there in two years’ time. “

According to Mike Wall of, the 165-foot (50-meter) spacecraft is the vehicle in question, and it will launch from the ground atop a giant rocket known as Super Heavy.

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“We want to have an inspiring and exciting future,” Musk said. “The future is where we are a civilization that holds space and out in between the stars, every child is excited about it, you don’t even have to teach them.”

Musk said his first flight into orbit will likely be in two or three years, but there is one thing he knows for sure: he wants to be buried on Mars, “not just on impact.”

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