SP Youth Challenge Board to reinstate the banned board chairman | Currently

SP Youth Challenge Board to reinstate the banned board chairman |  Currently

The youth branch of the Socialist Party reappointed the expelled Olaf Kimmerck as president. RED announced this Monday evening. The Socialist Party had taken the “attic communist” out of the party last year.

ROOD says, despite the provocations, he would like to reconcile with the NDP assembly.

Kemerink was expelled from the Socialist Party last year along with five others, because according to the party they are a group of “Radical Communists”, have violent views and are members of the Communist Forum and the Marxist Forum. According to the SP, these are separate parties and dual memberships are not allowed.

RED members must be SP members, but the Youth Chapter has now put an end to this rule.

On Sunday, members of the youth branch agreed to change the organizational statute. Those who were expelled by the SP could get exempt from the youth chapter members and thus still join the RED board. A large majority of young people agreed to the Kimrink exemption, among others, according to ROOD.

Investigate the relationship between the youth branch and the party

A committee is currently investigating the relationship between the youth and the parent party. The result is expected no later than May 1, says SP chief Janie Fischer. Until then, you don’t want to delve into the matter.

Kimmerink himself also says he hasn’t heard from the SP since the members’ meeting on Sunday. He did not say whether he expected reconciliation with the party. “We would like to be a part of it again, but with more independence.”

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Kimmerink says it is possible that the Socialist Party saw the act as a provocation. “But we want to be able to work with a full board. After the committee’s decision, we’ll talk to the SP.”

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