South Park is coming soon with a new movie

South Park is coming soon with a new movie

The South Park series is set to release a new movie in the near future, already next month!

South Park Soon with a new movie. It should be shown in the US on Paramount+ in November and it’s the first new South Park-Content since we got Southern ParQ . Vaccination I can see.

That was the special episode with special epidemic One of the best-watched shows in September 2020 South Park-Additions in years. at the moment South Park The longest running cable television script series, the program will celebrate its 25th anniversary in August 2022.

South Park-Movie
the new South ParkThe film is part of an expanded deal between Paramount, MTV Entertainment Studios (both owned by ViacomCBS) and creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Under this deal, they will at least introduce new additions to the franchise until 2027. As a result, the series will run until at least its thirtieth season.

Also part of the deal were fourteen new films that must be shown on Paramount+. And the series is still very popular, in 2021 fans watched 2.2 billion episodes so far.

South Park: Post Coved It can be seen on November 25th. You can stream South Park on Netflix.

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