South Korea announces North Korea’s launch of a ballistic missile, the third test this year | the interior

South Korea announces North Korea's launch of a ballistic missile, the third test this year |  the interior

The missiles were launched from a province on the border with China towards the east. According to the South Korean military, they traveled 430 kilometers and reached an altitude of 36 kilometers. Japanese broadcaster NHK reported that the missiles landed in the sea.

The Japan Coast Guard also noted Friday’s launch and believes it may be one or more ballistic missiles. North Korea’s launch of such missiles violates UN Security Council resolutions.

The most powerful hypersonic missile

North Korea has already conducted two missile tests on January 5 and 11. Then the state said they were hypersonic missiles. These are missiles five times faster than sound, so current defense systems cannot or hardly intercept them. It has a shorter range than ballistic missiles.

The latest launch comes two days after the United States imposed sanctions on North Koreans involved in the weapons program. The country also called on the UN Security Council to impose new sanctions on North Korea. North Korea’s Defense Ministry said the United States deliberately wanted to escalate the situation, according to state media. She further stated that North Korea has the right to defend itself and warned of a strong response.

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