“SNL” Monologue Show by Timothy Chalamet Pete Davidson

"SNL" Monologue Show by Timothy Chalamet Pete Davidson

For the first time ever, the actor hosted Timothée Chalamet Saturday Night Live On December 12th, it did not disappoint. for him SNL Monologue, Timothy Chalamet revealed his secret SNL Relive family history, memories of his childhood on birthdays in New York City, and Pete Davidson joins him behind the piano for a low-key musical score.

To start a monologue, the actor revealed a decades-old relationship SNL And his family. Chalamet’s mother, Nicole Flender, was previously featured in the series in a popular 1980’s cartoon titled “Huge Harry Heads”. A pictogram shows Dana Carvey showing up at a party, unaware that his head was bleeding profusely from a deep wound. The late Chris Farley, also illustrator, spits out his food upon seeing the sickening injury. In response to this action, standing behind a pair of comedic legends, a seemingly silent woman was dumbfounded. That woman, it turns out, was Chalamet’s mother, creating a long family history SNL.

Then Chalamet moves behind a piano to gently tickle ivory while talking about how much he loves growing up in New York around the Christmas period. Talk about skiing in the Hudson River, skiing on the side of the Chrysler Building, leaving milk and biscuits in the Port Authority Bus Terminal bathroom, and a lot of other silly things that New Yorkers actually don’t do. The Call me by your name Then the piano star was joined by fellow New Yorker Pete Davidson, who discussed growing up in New York. But since Davidson grew up on Staten Island rather than Manhattan, his memories of Christmas have become less flashy than those of Chalamet.

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The Chalamet monologue was on the short side, but that left more time for the drawings that include a family of coronaviruses, a song number about a little horse, and a sketch for the Dionne Warwick talk show in which Chalamet appears as Harry Styles and Chloe Feynman in the work of Chalamet. impression. In other words, Chalamet made his mom proud of him SNL for the first time.

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