Snapchat’s crying filter is way too real

Snapchat's crying filter is way too real

Snapchat is full of it, but we’re also seeing it now on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: Snapchat’s new Crying Lens. Even if you want to take a selfie with a bright smile, you will look like you are crying with this viral lens. And it’s not pretty.

crying on snapchat

We don’t really have an official name for it in the Netherlands: ugly cry, but ugly cry probably says it all. Snapchat’s new Crying Lens does this to your face. For example, we see people passing by all of them partying together at a festival, but it doesn’t seem quite so relaxing. All the hanging faces and the water and the red eyes and the look as if all misery is boring.

You can realistically put your friends’ heads to tears, and this not only leads to new special selfies and a totally viral trend. It also allows creating all kinds of new memes, because there aren’t many filters that can realistically portray someone sad.

He cries

Scan the image above with Snap to use the lens.

my eyes crying

Many celebrities have already embraced the trend, including Kylie Jenner and our very own Jim Bakkum. And the funny thing is that sometimes laughing is like crying, which you also see in the video of Jim Bakum and his wife. This makes this extremely intimidating lens look even more realistic. We see the headlines on the juice channels again.

The lens is very popular. It was released last Friday and has already been used by more than 180 million Snapchat users. In total, the weeping lens was used 1.3 billion times. That’s a lot of crocodile tears.

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New profile picture

Meanwhile, there is also another trend on social media, namely New Profile Pic. This is not a Snapchat Lens, but a separate app. With this you can turn your photos into very beautiful drawn variants. The app also knows how to put exactly the right lighting in the right places, making you look even more beautiful.

In the past, castle masters and nobles had to sit still for days to draw a picture in bulk, but nowadays you download an app and it’s done within a minute. There is a warning about what happens to your data if you download this separate app, although the app itself notes that it handles data carefully. There will be links with Russia, so be aware of this when you download the app and also give access to a lot of data about you.

Viral on social media

The fear is that the data will go to Russia, but this contradicts the manufacturer. The app will work across Amazon and Microsoft servers located in the US in this case. You don’t have to pay in this app either, so if you are asked to do so, it is likely that you have downloaded a fake app. However, it’s the creator’s rhetoric against those of cybersecurity experts, so be careful.

Snapchat tears and the graphic artwork of New Profile Pic have been hugely popular on social media over the past few days, and for good reason: They’re an example of how much artificial intelligence can understand the human face. This makes images very beautiful, and sometimes very ugly, like the great Crying Lens currently being tested.

Whoever cries last cries better.

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