Slot Bruins: Most Ministers Use Private Business Email | the interior

Slot Bruins: Most Ministers Use Private Business Email |  the interior

The minister writes that most do this “on occasion,” for example to edit or print documents, or to forward a message to business accounts. Also, sometimes not working business devices were the reason why meeting links or documents were redirected to a private address.

Ministers Dylan Yecheljos (Justice), Robert Dijgraf (Education), Sigrid Kaag (Finance), Kajsa Olungren (Defence), Karen van Genip (Social Affairs) and Mickey Adriansens (Economic Affairs) used their email addresses. Olungren, van Jennip and Adriansen also used other messaging services such as WhatsApp, as did Liesje Schreinemacher (foreign trade), Henk Staguer (agriculture) and Christian van der Waal (nature and nitrogen), among others.

According to Bruins Slot, there are no known security incidents. She also writes that there is no reason to believe that the documents were not archived.

The Minister made inquiries with the Ministries after Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Housing) admitted that he had used his private email on business matters. Ministers and Secretaries of State are strongly discouraged from using their work email.

However, Bruins Slot wrote: “In practice, situations may arise in which the described style of work deviates from it.” According to her, it is the responsibility of the ministers to balance interests.

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