Skyrim’s foxes take you to the treasury. cam.

Skyrim's foxes take you to the treasury.  cam.

Fox from Skyrim

Ago The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Released nearly a decade ago, fans quietly suspected that foxes were leading you to treasure, without ever knowing. Well, we’re doing it now, thanks to a preview given by a previous developer.

Joel Burgess, formerly from Bethesda, but now studio manager no stone mill KAPI developersAnd Inspired by the story of yesterday’s bee cart He shares his own behind-the-scenes story in game development, this time incorporating this little urban legend about foxes.

You can find all kinds of examples of people wondering about this, some of them Immediately after launching the game, others After years, each of them says that he heard someone else say it or saw it himself several times, without anyone being able to Where are you going That foxes will lead the player to appreciation.

It seems so! Kind of. Burgess explained that the “treasure fox legend” is actually due to the creature’s ability to find its way and the way it has been programmed to leave a player’s legacy if they should be afraid. It explains it in detail below, but if the tweets don’t load, a very big summary Is that foxes are designed primarily to intimidate and evade the player, and when choosing where to run, due to the strangeness of the way the map is created, go to the parts of the map that contain the most elements.

Which will always be the same caves and encampments that contained the prey.

That’s it! solve the puzzle. Foxes will frequently take you to treasures, only because they are designed to escape to the same places on the map where treasures are usually located. Which may not be an obvious answer like “Yes, it’s straight to the treasure”, but the end result is the same, so whatever!

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