Six months after the storm, the removal of the Capitol fence begins | abroad

Six months after the storm, the removal of the Capitol fence begins |  abroad

Just over six months after the US Capitol was stormed on Friday, authorities began dismantling the fences and barriers surrounding the House of Representatives in Washington. The operation is expected to continue throughout the weekend.

Among other things, the bars connecting parts of the black metal fence with a height of 2.4 meters were removed. The fence was erected a day after violent unrest in the US Capitol on January 6 this year.

Thousands of National Guard troops are stationed at the Capitol after an attack by supporters of former President Donald Trump. A vast security zone complete with barbed wire turned the Capitol into a fortress for several months.

The fencing, traffic diversions on Capitol Hill and the ban on visitors angered members of Congress of both parties. Although the temporary fence has been removed, building access restrictions introduced in response to Covid-19 remain in place.

Hundreds of Trump supporters broke the police blockade on January 6 and stormed the Capitol in an effort to prevent the formalization of new President Joe Biden’s election victory. The rioters occupied, destroyed and looted parts of the building for several hours. Five people were killed in the riots.

Supporters of former President Trump stormed the Capitol on January 6 this year. © AP

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