Sivan Hassan despite falling at a height of 1500 meters | sports

Sivan Hassan despite falling at a height of 1500 meters |  sports

Hassan was still the fastest in her series with 4.05.17, ahead of Australian Jessica Hull (4.05.28) and Eleanor Pourier of the United States (4.05.34).

Hassan stumbled on Kenyan Edina Jepetok and entered the last lap. The Dutch quickly climbed and chased. The 28-year-old Dutchman had to correct for the win in the last hundred metres. Feast.

Sivan Hassan takes his breath away.

Sivan Hassan takes his breath away.

This make-up race will likely end on Monday evening (3:30 PM Dutch time). Then the 5,000m final is shown on the program. Hassan wants to win the 1500, 5000 and 10,000m medals in Tokyo.

Later today is the 5000m final, Wednesday is the 1500m semi-final and Friday is the final of the figure. 10,000 meters in the program on Saturday.

In an all-good scheme, the fall in the 1500m series is of course very bad. This race was planned as a kind of warm-up for the 5,000m final, but it still costs a lot of energy due to the fall. Some track and field experts argue that she should have given up after the fall and therefore had to put the 1500m out of her mind. To what extent they are right remains to be seen.

“I was shocked for a moment, but immediately thought: I can’t stop. Other than that I feel good and I don’t think it will affect the preparations for the 5000m final.”

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