Sir Lewis Hamilton has Drive to Survive influence in the US: ‘I never understood the people here’

Sir Lewis Hamilton has Drive to Survive influence in the US: 'I never understood the people here'

Lewis Hamilton is enjoying the growth of Formula 1 in the United States. Next weekend will see two races in one season on US soil for the first time in F1 history and the seven-time world champion believes Drive to Survive has had a huge impact on that.

To get the attention of the race next weekend, Hamilton was allowed to join good morning americaOne of the biggest shows in the US. First of all, the Mercedes driver receives a question about the equestrian title and whether many people in his environment call him “sir”. Hamilton laughs: “No, just dad. I don’t let anyone call me ‘Sir.’ It’s a great privilege in the UK, but I don’t notice it much.”

campaign to survive

Last season’s runner-up is looking forward to the first race in Miami. “It’s nerve-wracking, it’s a big event. We’ve raced in Texas many times of course, which is always great. My first race was here in Indianapolis 2007. Now that the Drive to Survive series on Netflix is ​​growing so much, we have two races. Grand Prix in the United States. Next year in Las Vegas there will be another race. It will be big “, predicts the Briton.

Hamilton did not understand

Hamilton is then asked if the first chapter has finally achieved the popularity he had hoped for in the US for years. “I think we’re already here. I’ve been here for a long time, but I didn’t really understand why people here don’t care so much about Formula 1. The Netflix show sparked a lot of interest in the sport during the pandemic and now it is.” flourishConcludes.

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