Silverstone worried about the future in the Formula 1 calendar

Silverstone maakt zich zorgen over toekomst op Formule 1-kalender

Silverstone’s Stewart Pringle has admitted there is a risk that the British Grand Prix may not exist after 2024. The contract with the circuit expires that year and the trend appears to be for Formula 1 to seek sanctuary outside Europe.

The focus of the sport has shifted to the United States. The Grand Prix was held in Miami recently and the race is scheduled to take place in Las Vegas next year. Stefano Domenicali, chief executive of Formula 1, has also made clear that no promoter should feel safe and that a date does not always mean a place has been reserved on the calendar. Silverstone’s contract expires in 2024 and given the provisions, an extension to the deal does not appear straightforward.


The fact that the British contract will expire in 2024 is not a cause for immediate concern, as long as there is a possibility of an extension. Director Pringle explains: “Formula 1 tells us we’re doing a great job, and they tell us that because their fans are telling them so. So that’s a very good foundation. If we’re doing poorly, that would be a concern.” Many teams are based in Great Britain, but this is not enough to force an extension. “So are we in danger? Yes, there is always danger. Am I nervous? I support our plans and will make that clear,” Pringle said.

No idea what others are paying

The American owners of Formula 1 chose a clearly different path than before. Promoters now have to pay a huge amount of money if they want to get a spot on the calendar. As a result, events such as the Monaco Grand Prix were also included, and the status of the iconic Grand Prix was no longer sufficient. “I don’t know what the Saudis are paying, and I have no idea what anyone else is paying,” he says. “There’s always a lot of talk about it.” According to Pringle, not only is the amount of the check important, there are a lot of other elements. He concludes, “We have all the advantages of history and heritage. We may not have the biggest gathering of the year, but we’re always in the top two or three.”

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