Sidney Powell: Trump’s legal team disavows lawyer who alleged Venezuelan communists helped rig US elections

Sidney Powell: Trump's legal team disavows lawyer who alleged Venezuelan communists helped rig US elections

Donald Trump’s legal team has distanced itself from attorney Sydney Powell after she published wild conspiracy theories about election fraud.

The president’s legal team took to Twitter to distance itself from Powell, who alleged that the Venezuelan communists had helped interfere in the US elections, insisting that she was not working for the outgoing president.

The move came just days after Powell appeared on stage with Rudy Giuliani during a bizarre press conference where the former New York City mayor also leveled unfounded accusations of voter fraud.

She is not a member of Trump’s legal team. Giuliani and Gina Ellis said in the statement, “She is not an attorney for the president in his personal capacity.”

On Saturday, Mrs. Powell, a former federal attorney general, claimed that the upcoming lawsuit over the elections in Georgia “will be in writing” as the president’s campaign continues to try to prove unfounded allegations of voter fraud.

“Georgia will probably be the first state I’ll blow up,” she said on the Newsmax TV show.

“We have a lot of evidence. It’s just too much, and it’s hard to put it together. We hope we’re ready this week to present it, and it will be biblical.”

During last week’s press conference, Powell claimed that Mr. Trump had won the election “by an overwhelming majority” but had been duped by an “algorithm” designed by Dominion voting systems in their voting machines.

It claimed Dominion Voting Systems’ machines were created in Venezuela under the direction of the late Hugo Chavez, so he didn’t lose any elections.

Dominion denied the allegations and the Trump campaign did not provide any evidence to support them.

Powell’s allegations were too much for Fox News host Tucker Carlson who said she had no evidence to support her and became involved in a public feud with her.

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