Should politicians be able to wear whatever they want? † Join the Conversation

Should politicians be able to wear whatever they want?  † Join the Conversation


Representative Quint isn’t the only politician who’s ever been criticized for his looks. For example, Hans Spekman (PvdA) often wore sweaters. Deputy Prime Minister Sigrid Kaag (D66) recently appeared with sneakers under her suit during a press conference. Home Secretary Hank Bruins Slott once wore a leather jacket to the House of Representatives, and Liz Westerfield (GroenLinks) has often been criticized for her dress during debates. She recently wore a purple shirt with a large butterfly on it, which he didn’t like on Twitter.

Sigrid Cage

Sigrid Cage

hanky bruins slot

hanky bruins slot

The dress to wear

There is no formal dress code in Parliament. But according to political commentator Frits Wester van RTL News There are unwritten rules and it is customary to dress elegantly in the House. It was customary for women to wear tuxedos and men to wear a two- or three-piece suit.

Should politicians return to this formal dress style? Or do you find it personal and refreshing to see MPs wear what they want?


Twitter user Hugo is negative about Representative Peter Quint’s T-shirt. Pollux responds, because there really is an unwritten dress code, according to a Twitter user.

Riya believes that there should be guidelines for the dress code of MPs.

Tim believes it is important for representatives to be a reflection of society. He just wants to get rid of ties and suits.

Join the conversation

Do you think there should be a dress code for members of parliament? Or do you think politicians should be able to wear what they feel comfortable in? Join the conversation on our Facebook page!

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